Russian Language Translation Service

By Nevada Technical Associates, Inc.

Marina Borovik is available to translate your documents from Russian to English or English to Russian. She is also available to assist with 3 way phone translations to Russia and Russian speaking countries. Marina is a native of Russia and a graduate of the Urals Technical University in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Marina has lived in the United States for three years.

Marina can be reached by email at or by calling us at 1-702-564-2798.

Payment can be made through Nevada Technical Associates, Inc. by contacting Robert Holloway at The number is located in the United States. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Payment can also be made by Western Union or by check. Please do not send credit card numbers by email as this is not a secure method.

Cost - The fee for translations ranges between 5 and 10 cents per word depending on the type of translation. Legal documents and transcripts will be 10 cents per word. There is a $20 minimum charge. There may be additional charges for fax transmissions or phone calls, if these are necessary. The cost for live translations by conference call is $20 for each 30 minutes with a $20 minium. The customer must arrange for a conference call and pay for the telephone charges. If you are not sure whether your phone system will support conference calls, ask your telephone company. Normally the phone company can arrange conference calls.

We also sell translation software that includes Russian and other common languages. See the link below for additional information.